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Friday, March 15, 2013

The weather is finally starting to change!

Well the weather here is finally starting to warm up here so soon i will be out making videos on gold prospecting and i can't wait! I have so much fun and i find allot of gold while doing it.
Gold prospecting is one of the few hobbies one can do and make more then you spend if you really learn how to do it. I have only been doing it for a few yrs but man do i love it allot. I have a rule i can't spend any money on new items unless i have made that much in gold that keeps it so i stay always ahead on gold found to money spent on new equipment. I have seen ppl get gold fever and spend spend spend and not get even close in gold what they find. Take it from me you can have $1000's  dollars spend in equipment but still never find much. There is a trick to it all first learn how to use the stuff you have then only after you can find good gold then find new ways.

Too many ppl try to jump up to new equipment too fast and in the end if you don't know the costly equipment a persons next to you with just a sluice can out perform you np. I have done that to ppl b4 and really pissed off a few ppl from that. One big thing is how you set up what you have and how you watch how it runs so you don't loose gold to many ppl just run with a setting that someone else told them. They will loose 50% or more of the gold and never know it due to they run too fast and the wrong set up. So they may get bigger gold but all the fine and super fine gold wash right out.

And where is the real money these day in gold well its in the fine to super fine gold, once i learned that i really started to make allot more with gold. I find 90% of all my gold as fine gold and i will talk allot more on all that and show in vids how to use stuff just for fine gold! So watch for video post and reports on here for info about it all!