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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My background with linux and brain food!

Just so you know more on my back ground with linux i have used it for many years now and its my main set up.
 I gave up yrs ago on windows or as i call it MaxiHard i call it that due to every time you buy microsofts crap bill gates got a hard on due to $100 of the $179 item you just bought went right into his pocket! So over the years as MaxiHard crap got worse and worse i stayed away more and more. Linux over the yrs really got to great for everyone when i say that i mean its easy to install and use for anyone the inter surfer to the dvd burner and even for the video game player!

Yes some are saying video games on linux well its really easy run windows in VirtualBox and it runs better in VB then installed as the main system don't ask i dont get it either! But then you can still pay any windows game or app that you need and without all the troubles of the wine or other crossover programs for linux.