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Monday, March 18, 2013

Obama is not my President!

Just something i thought i should say this! Due to i am an american citizen and he was born in Kenya and he even got foreign collage aid from where but the USA.
With that said also his mom was an american citizen but his dad was from Kenya. Also most people don't know it or don't want to believe that the name Obama didn't even exist until he moved to Chicago be for that no record of it! Go figure no cover up there!

One more thing as to why i say he is not my president the people never voted him in on both election. They gave it to the government by electoral votes and those never reflect how the people feel at all!

Now with that all said when some one asks me anything about Obama is say just this " I can't answer anything on him due to i am an american citizen with NO PRESIDENT " that always gets them stumped. Yes that's just how i feel that the last few years all of the USA has been with out a president and the next few year we will still be with out one. Now i know i will get allot of crap for saying all this but i don't care what the sheepel think or say! They and all there freaky religious nuts can all go jump off a cliff. I say that due to as most BS bibles say there false god will teach them to fly or catch them! I say if you believe in that BS that much then prove it jump i know he your so called god won't catch you or make you fly.

Now i already know those freaks out there the first thing they will say is im just another racist and all there normal CRAP due to its all they can say! Well to all them YES i hate stupid illegal people all the same no madder what color they are! And if that makes me a racist so be! Keep in mind that goes for any illegal even the white ones so atleast i will say it and i am proud to day and not shy to say it.

I still just can't get over how when Obama lies and all the sheepel fall for it when he tries to say the economy is getting better that old lie is so old its dust in the wind years ago. When the reality is that people are still loosing jobs every day and there still are so many that have been with out a job for years now. Well i think that Obama thinks everyone in the USA can work at a Walmart or a McDonalds or some other fast food place. If something don't change that will soon be the only jobs left in America.

If something don't change soon there will be no one left working to pay any taxes at all and at this current rate of jobs dropping out of our country and no real new jobs opening up! That soon we will hit another depression but an even harder one. No one that got hit from the last one learned anything at all when i say this i mean it. Most people still use there credit cards like there cash and that was a very big part of the last one. Most still went right back out and got car loans and other loans and just ran right back up a bunch of credit. I do know that a big chunk of the lower and middle class now have way way less and some have nothing at all. Now the upper middle class and up they just went right back into the same thing as be for the mess started yes some lost there house and cars and toys. That just to them was no big deal they now could go get new loans and get new stuff and keep up the show of keeping with the Jones.

Oh wait allot of people learned that there is no Jones its all in your head and just a false dream. Well that's enough talk on this crap for now i may talk more on it at a latter date.