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Monday, March 18, 2013

Explaining How Wood Gasification Works Part6 Explaining how to build one!

Now in part 6 we will be looking more at how flash001USA upgraded and worked on his set up. He is currently working on a new set up changing out from a FEMA design into a imbert style one for the burner unit.
Now the imbert designs have a much better tar cracking set up due to how it controls and regulates the inbound air restricting it back to get a much cleaner gas. I will write up on them as he gets them up! He does have some up on the new build i will show what he has up on building the new burner and as he gets more up i will post them! But as for starting i will continue on with his work where we left off at. This first video was a test to confirm that the filters work like they should and all that! One thing to note is he uses mixed wood cuttings and does a 4hr run to make sure it works for a real use test! One thing to take note of is how blue the gas is that's very important for how clean it is!
Now in his next video he shows how to make his tri-filter design and he shows it in each step on just how to build them! This is one of the easiest and simplest filter set ups for a wood gas unit out there. Any one can build this and get it working!
Now in his next video he shows a peak at the new burner he is building the imbert design style i say style here due to he did allot of things not as a normal imbert but just used some of its numbers for size and stuff. He also took some of the FEMA numbers to make it all work out right! One big thing to notice is how compared to the FEMA how this new one has the air jets and a true air in control that's how to get higher temps in the unit and a great way to crack the tar down into better gasses!
Now in his next video he shows another look at the new design more on the guts of it and giving more details on just how he has been making it all!  He also shows his grate and how he made it and its getting close to being almost done and soon he will take it for his first test run and when he post it i will show it and write up on it so you all can see just how easy this all really is and that its not hard to do!
Now as you can see just how different the two builds are on the burner unit. His first set up used the FEMA and now on his second one will be a imbert style and it should get much higher temps and crack more tar making it a much cleaner burn! So as long as you follow his videos you will see just how easy this all really is and how anyone can build one and have a true green back up power!