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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Make money with YouTube!

Now for years now people have made money with YouTube and it was hard due to how they made it so only if you where a partner could you get paid. Well they made changes on there whole set up a while ago now and now anyone can make money with them.
Yes i said anyone its really easy now all you have to do is first click on to monetize your video's keep in mind that you have to have some things met. First no copy write music or anything can be in your videos! That includes back ground music and they wont monetize you if your some punk kid recording your self playing video games. Now with that said keep in mind the really like the videos you record and make your self if all you put ups is videos of stuff even stupid stuff you catch on film and post it you will have no troubles to get it approved for monetization. Once its approved for monetization then look for the link on the youtube page help files on getting monetized for the linker to connect a adsense account. Now they direct you to adsense i say to do it this way its easy and if you don't have an account sign up for one. It will take a few days to get the adsense account but once its active then its set up for ads on youtube and then you need to go into your video manager on youtube.

Here now you click on the monetize left side and set what ads you want they have a page that tells where each ad set will be played and placed. Once you have set it up then go threw each video and change the settings. This is easy once your in the video manager on youtube click edit and under the video there is a tab for monetize click it and change setting to your liking.

Now if you do this set as many videos as you can so each one will be able to make CPC. Now how you make money is simple when a person clicks on an ad you make a small amount. Yes i know some of you right now are thinking ooooo get my friends to click it no don't and don't you click on any at all in your own videos or you will risk loosing it all just as fast as you got it. Look at it like this if you have a home video collection just sitting there and you know there are a bunch of funny clips in it. Your set just edit and post them up and if you have allot of good funny stuff you just might make some good money.

Now keep in mind if you record it and it don't have copy write music or other stuff in it i would post it. I know i have heard allot of reasons why not to some as simple as i searched it and i got thousands of hits on that same thing no one would watch mine with all those out there. Not true here is how it works out just think if you have 50 videos that each year get only 100 views that's 5,000 views /yr. Now that's low even if your a no namer person. Now if you share the vids on FB and other places your friends and family will get you that in the first few weeks each video and if they share it that number grows fast. Now after say a year or more of posting videos you get 50 videos up but lets use some real numbers here say 50 videos times 300 views average each video thats 15,000 views now that adds up real fast. So if you get up a few hundred videos just think how much views you will add up real fast.

I will give you an example i get right now new to it all about 5 to 30 views each day Ya i know not much but i only have a few vids not bad in one year if i keep say a 5/day times 365 that is 1825 views. Now if i keep adding vids and get that number up and up so its then goes to 30/day that's 10950 views in a year so as you can see it adds up fast. You can look at it in 2 ways views per video or the way i like to is views per day. And with each new one you add that goes up and up so this is just some food for thought hope this has helped some of you out. As most of us normal people are broke and every thing helps. And please share this as much as you can you never know who may read this and they may go oh i still thought i had to be a partner to make money! That could be your sister son dad mom or even your friend down the street or your friend in another state or even a different country!