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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living off grid

I wanted to get one thing out in the air that most people don't know or atleast don't think about. That is why is it that in most states here in the USA that you need to have a well and septic and electricity to live on land!
Just think we had presidents that lived in shacks years ago that had dirt floors and had to go to a stream for water! When will these yuppy BS people stop trying to make new laws when they don't even enforce the current laws that we have on the books!  Okay i can understand the need to have a way to deal with human waste it can become a problem easy but we do have ways that are way better then just a septic system! One could use a composting toilet and they are 100% better for the earth then any septic or city waste treatment out there!

Now as for the water thing this has got way way out of control some states even have laws that say you can't collect rain water why well that's because some states think they own everything. Even if its not even on the earth yet like rain water! That's nuts its in the air what's next a permit to breath air! Come on people get real in the first commandments it says every person has the right to life water is part of life and air so with that said. I say screw them all one day maybe people will wake up and say enough is enough and kill off all these stupid people that want more laws!

We need to kinda go back to the west days when one person wants to be head of something they got handed each a gun and said settle this! Most times they did one of them got killed why simple the strong will survive and that's that. If people in office had to do this to be in office then one big thing would change these old farts in office would be gone and new people would be in there seat. Yes i know i get off on side tracks real easy but hey its my blog i can do what i want.

We need some way to say that if there is a law not being inforced then it needs to erased and removed from the laws book! Just think 90% of the laws would go bye bye real fast! Yes i know this would really piss off those yups and control freaks that think there needs to be a law on everything so what kill them off i am sick to death with these laws that no one ever asked for getting passed that regulate small buisness and even the right for normal people to live!