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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Zumba dance class my son took!

I was shocked when we took my son to a free Zumba dance class for kids. He enjoyed it so much that he actually wants to go to anther one.
They have these in town for kids every few times a year. It was his first ever time at any thing like this so i was also very suprised at how at times he did really good and it was fun to watch him try something so out of his normal. He is a boy boy likes his cars and trucks and plays out side in the dirt a lot and also likes his video games and all that.

I am writing this up cause if you look in your area you never know if they may have this and if they do take your kids some time it was a lot of fun. Best of all it was free for kids can't beat that any way you kick it. I now just wish they had it more often for kids so that they could learn other stuff. I also like how much of a work out it gave him too he was huffin and puffin after wards and sweating too. So not only did he have lots of fun but it gave him some good exercise too on top of it all. The great thing was he had so much fun he didn't even see it as a work out until he was done with it.

So in the end if you have a kid that likes to sit around and not do much try and find out if there is one of these in your area just never know your kid may like it and it could help give them some needed exercise that they really need.