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Friday, April 5, 2013

Something that power companies don't want you to know!

First off this is a very thing that most people don't know or have never thought about also if you ask anyone an electrician or someone with a power company they all will deny it! First some back ground when power is sent into a house the old way was that each house had a ground pipe for the whole house.
Now they power companies have changed how all that works they have had the codes rewrote to still include a ground pipe in the ground but its not as a ground for the breaker box it is a secondary ground that's a false ground very seldom used.

Now as to how its done these days if you have noticed there are tons i mean tons of substations every where that is due to how they now do it they run in a ground line to catch the back EMF and unused power that is giving off back DC power to the substations. This is a catch 22 for them and for you the buyer they then reinvert that DC power into AC and resell it back several times. This is how they have in the years have increased power production but never done anything new besides add in more substations. There are several ways to disconnect the ground line and catch it your self and with just a few things convert that back feed power into AC and reuse it without repaying for it. I have seen this done now several times in most cases it can cut your power bill in half or more.

Here is a list of some of the things that i know back feed lots of power TV's, DVD players, radio's, lights, stuff with a transformer that is a wall plug. Now there is a simple way to catch small amounts and reuse it first get a diode and hook it to a ground say on a TV then put it so the negative is on the ground line then put the positive pointing away now put in a second ground pipe and hook up the positive of the diode to a small DC to AC power inverter on the positive then the ground of the inverter to the second ground pipe. Turn the TV on and watch how the invert all of a sudden get power now the inverter too is a waste of power so put a second diode on the ground pipe line back to the positive on the inverter have it set to negative to the ground pipe and positive to the positive line on the inverter. This is to show you proof on just how easy it really is.

Now time to talk about some things that give less and way they give less back feed first items like toasters they waste power to whats called heat loss items that make heat. Another one that uses a lot of power in heat loss is the old incondessent bulbs. They give off lots of heat and waste a lot of that back EMF or back feed that's also why they have been pushing for CFL's as they have a very high back feed rate to guess who the power company. In turn if they where really about saving energy use they would say to use LED lights but they never ever say that why they have very little back feed if any at all due to they have diodes in them making them the least consumer of power and the least back feed.

One day if i get enough comments and shares and likes on this i will give you a direct plans on just how to setup a house to not give your power back to them. I will also if i get enough views and more on this give a list of a companies that sell items that one can buy to do just this i know of a few that work great! I am tho one for build it your self so if there is a problem you then can fix it with out big repair bills and stuff. Hope this wakes up some people and gets more thinking on it.