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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Explaining How Wood Gasification Works Part5 Explaining how to build one!

Now here is where i show you how one looks, and how its made. I have a friend flash001USA i work with him on his set up and its one of the best and very simple to build.
Here i will post up his videos as many as i can in the order he made them so you can see them and see just how easy it really is! Now as you watch his videos you will see how he started out with just an idea and turned that idea into a real thing. I didn't get to know him until after he started this build but i met him and gave him many new ideas and ways. As he took my ways and his own and joined them into one new way that's really cool and simple! So lets look at some of his videos on YouTube and his first burner unit was a FEMA set up and he did great with it getting in a few vids a nice clean LP blue flame.

In this video above he is starting to get on the right idea  with wood gas that is to get it cooled down as much as possible to condense off the water and tar! This is the one thing most don't understand! That's why i like how he did these videos! He gets into all the great details for new people that want to get into this! keep watching it gets better and better on his end results! One thing i want to point out is how much he points out the dangers and cautions to watch out for and to do! This next video is where he get onto his slick cold filter pvc pipe filter very different but very good and easy and cheap i started to chat with him just b4 he made this video and from this point on it really got good and slick and easy to make! Just so you know my nic on YouTube is TecKnowFreak just a heads up! One big thing to watch is how blue his flame is most have a  real hard time getting this but each change he did made it better and better! Keep in mind this is from just wood as the gas gets cleaner its harder and harder to see and it don't smell like wood smoke at all!
Now this next video flash did was one of the best he looks at the filters and the colors of water tar mix out of each and so far he is one of the few that keeps a close eye on it all. With that said this shows just how much crap he filtered out and how each one of the filters looked! 
I will post another posting with more of the videos and show flash001USA's videos on how he made this all and later in another post i will show how its all evolved into a new set up. Sorry this was so long but i wanted to get to filter clean out so you all could get a great idea on exactly what wood gasification looks like and how easy it all really is! Keep an eye out for more of these i will soon start on other topics i just like wood gas so much i had to cover it for an early on thing!