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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its been alomst 3yrs no job! Update

Well its going on almost 3yrs now with no job and they keep saying its getting better YA right its only really getting worse.
I know way to many people with out work that have great skills. Some can't get a job all due to how the government allows credit to be used to get most jobs! That's the #1 reason most people with out a job can't get one there credit score is bad due to they lost a good job and lost allot of stuff in loosing the job. In result they got bad credit. Now in my case i drove semi for years and i didn't use credit i paid for everything in cash well the old 650 credit score i used to have went bye bye years ago!

Now most don't understand one thing about your credit score its a big fat lie and a scam here is why if you pay cash for everything that should be recorded by as how it states for the fair credit act but does it no. Now let me explain what i mean by paying cash i am not talking when you buy gas or food or things like that i mean pay your electric bill gas heating bill or even your phone bill. Now if you pay these with a credit card yes it goes to help your credit kinda. Now one big thing you need to understand is credit is based on true debt not on good credit at all the more you owe on and pay on the more they will give and say you have good credit. That's ASS back wards 100% due to having credit owed is not that you will pay it but if you pay for stuff main bills in cash that's real credit. Here is why cash in hand is better then any credit you may owe and if i have cash in hand it is able to pay something now. Credit you can't walk into a place and pay with an owed bill and its not real on any level. Yes some will be saying but your wrong here due to i use my credit card all the time. Well keep using it and just wait for the next banking fraud and see how that works out again for all you who keep using that fake money.

But any ways back to my no work issue it looks and its a very very long shot i may have a chance at even a full time seasonal job maybe wont know more until a few weeks from now. Now the reason this might be opening up not due to its getting better for jobs not even close the person that been doing it is not able to do it this summer and i know a person that knows them and the person who deals with the job. Ya i know its a very long shot but its the real first option of work in almost 3yrs now. I do call my gold prospecting work due to its all i have to make money lol and well i have been good at.

I will be getting up some pics of gold soon i just got to dig out the gold from my storage and get it in a spot to get some good photos so that you all can see some that i have found in the past years i keep the nice chunky stuff and bigger ones and sell just the fine and super fine gold. Soon i will get out an find some gold and also make some videos for on my youtube page so i can show you all how much fun it is and how easy it really is!