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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Federal Tax Fraud No refund for you!

I have had some odd convo over the last few weeks and learned that a few friends of mine filed there taxes this year and it was set up to be deposited and they got there state taxes.
And the odd thing is there Federal taxes on irs.gov said it was all approved and was set to be deposited but then they never got it. A few days later the irs site said that they now where under audit but now weeks later still no federal taxes and no paper work has been sent for the so called audit. Now i have been audited b4 and when that happened to me they held up even my state taxes so! This does not make any sense i asked around and then a week later i was told over 1million estimated people wont get there federal taxes i have heard it may be as high as over 3million.

Now i have looked some into this and found lots and i mean lots more people this has and is happing to. So ask around and if you find someone tell them to post and comment on this page i have yet to see anyone else talking about this so hell i am not shy at all i don't give a crap about our piss poor government. Sorry i will post more of my thoughts on the gov some other time back to this topic.

As i looked more into this it turns out guess what they found a way to raise the money to pay Egypt that is just don't give a chunk of normal tax payer there owed federal tax returns that will then pay the promised money to Egypt and wipe that crap promise that was done with out American approval. Now i asked a few people that work in a tax filing place about this and they had a few people this happened to and i asked what answers the got was nothing they had no i mean no idea what went wrong. I asked if they also took care of audits on the people they did the taxes on they said yes. So i asked have they got any paper work or anything on those and one said no the odd thing is i looked at the list of other audits and not one of the normal people have any flags or anything showing an audit.

To me if you are one of these then i guess yr owed tax money is poooof gone nice to know that they not only print fake money but also just take it with out any just cause. Its like how they print more fake money to cover there deep spending pockets.

If you find out you know someone in this same thing have them leave a comment on here and lest see how many we really find that this crap is happing too. Also please like this on FB and share it and on twitter retweet this so allot more can see this and comment! This kind of abuse of power is why i say we need a mush smaller government and we need independent people not either one of the BS parties. The government needs to be run like Ross Perot said it is just a buisness and needs to be run like a nonprofit one not a profit one that is the only way to fix our country! I very strongly believe in that statement and more should! So enough said pass this around share it retweet it and spread the word and open up eyes of people and Thanks for anyone one that does pass this around and sharing it!