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Monday, March 18, 2013

Just got done building a high end new PC!

Well i just got to the last leg of a build of a rebuilding of a pc for a friend! Its so new and all that its hard to get linux working on it.
It was a AMD FX 8core cpu with new video card 2 gig ram on video card. I also put in a new sold state hard drive. Replaced the power supply with a 950W one and wow what a great set up. He has dual monitors and the new video card can run up to 4 at one time. Now most i bet are thinking it cost too much to do all that but in the end he spent about $1200 on it. Oh i for got to say he got 8gigs ram for it and the motherboard is able to go up to 32gigs of ram. When i compared cost of him buying a complete tower just as a tower unit by its self he would of spent well over $2200 and it still wouldn't have had all the goods in it!

So i am sharing this for those of you who want a new pc and just don't have the cash to buy a new pc. My point is its real easy to upgrade a unit and make it nice and right and best bang for the buck! Now many people never stop to think how easy it really is to work on pc's these days. Today they are all just plug up and on most the plugs are color coded and shaped just to fit where they belong. If you think about it one could watch one or 2 youtube vids and build a pc or even rebuild one in just no time and no training. The reason why i think most just buy one and throw out the old one is they are very lazy and money even in this bad economy still just don't care about how much they spend. If they don't start to watch how they waste so much money they will cause another collapse of the nation again.

Now his old parts are still good so he has a friend that he will use them to build a pc for them. Now to give you and idea on what came out it was an I3 dual core with 4gigs ram and a 1gig video card and the 650w power supply. Still not all that bad just that he plays games and that so he out grew it. Now we will use his old part to upgrade another pc and we already know the most they are doing is internet surfing and email and chat! In the end they both get what they need and get a great deal and the old parts are still good and don't get thrown out! That's part of the making the change for each other! This is just some food for your brains to think about and stew on.