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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunny5rising running on gasoline vapor

Here is a great video that my friend sunny5rising made on gasoline vapor it was a proof of concept to him he did this b4 i knew him. It was this video that got me to look at him and talk to him i learned about vaporizing gas many years ago.
Any ways when you hear that you can't do this its false and here it is some real proof. Yes anyone i mean anyone can also do this and its really this easy. Well here is the his video and after you watch it i will continue on more about vaporizing gasoline after the video explaining more on ways to make this work better.
Now that you have seen his video you did see that he had no carb on the motor and with his few tubes and valves he got a air to fuel mix and once it was set up right it ran just fine. Now lets talk more on things he could do to improve it allot. First if he added in some kind of fuel break up goods like stuffed stainless steel wool in the jar. That would aid allot in the vaporization of the fuel here is how. When the fuel is bubbled and splashes around with the wool in the jar it would give it way more surface area to let the fuel vaporize. That would increase the amount getting vaporized and would also make it more stable in its vaporization. Now the next thing he could add in or change is to heat it up some by adding heat to the jar it would let more fuel vaporize and in the end use more fuel and let smaller amounts run the motor longer. Now if just one car company would do this or anything even close to it. What would these me for us as a consumer well allot here is why cars and trucks could get 5 to 8x the mileage they get right now! This is no joke back in the 1960's shell made a car that got well over 200mpg. Now its hard to get that kind of results today only due to one major thing how they make the gas we use today. When i say that what i mean is they push the heating temps on the cooking units up even hotter today to vaporized off more oils and lighter VOC chemicals to build the gasoline we use today. With that said that's also why gasoline today makes more toxics than it did years ago due to how many more chemicals they are putting into the gasoline we use today. Here is some food for thought to feed your brain what if we vaporized 100% pure alcohol that would be simple and easy! Here i will tell you why at 173deg's alcohol vaporizes and it makes from one gallon of pure alcohol about 7 to 10 vapor gallons. Now how would that help us easy right now most of the alcohol made in the USA gets deported out side the country. Ya i know why can't they do that to illegals that easy i don't get it either! I will talk more on that some other day! But you ask what would that do for us now well that could offset our gasoline use by about half or more! That would be a huge thing due to we would have a partial fuel that could be really MADE IN THE USA! With how today's economic situation is that would give the people well one thing that would be made here and used here. It would also mean allot of jobs here and lots of people could then be using again something that was 100% made in America. Now some i bet are saying then why don't we do this? That's one that's easy to answer true biofuel with no gasoline blend by current law don't have the same tax rate on it for auto use. If that was done the government and the oil companies would loose out on billions of dollars in taxes and cash profits. So as long as big oil and big government both control what we can use then we will be stuck in the loop dependant on overseas oil. So if more people would work on this and start to make it more public then more will know just how to do all this and make a push! Please share this with your frds and family as we need to make a change if the government won't make it then we need to force there hand to make the change. Also leave any comments and ?'s as always i like to hear from people reading my work!