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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More on what power companies dont want you to know Part Two!

     Okay last time i was talking on how the power companies steal the feed back threw the ground line and then convert it into AC and then resell it back to you at a very high price. This time i will talk about how else they scam you by lying
about what lights are the best and our gov has backed them on this lie. First lets get some lighting info out. The old style bulbs glass with a wire in a CO2 or no oxygen in the glass bulb. That kept the wire from burning when it was passed with electricity now they are pushing compact CFL's but here are some things about them. First if you look at the package it says on most not all many have taken this off but that if you break one call X number for a clean up. That number leads you to a hazmat line that will tell you that they need to get out there to clean the area and the cost well forget it you can buy a car for what they want. Why is that? Well to make a compact CFL there is one thing they never tell you that is its takes more Mercury to make a compact then a big one here is why. To reduce the need of using a transformer to make the voltage way higher to run like a big one they added lots more toxics like mercury and other metals to make it run on lower volts. Now they added these all as vapors and when you break one or throw it out in trash and at the land fill or in yr house they break. It then puts all those vapors in the air in yr house or in the air around the land fill. Lots of toxic metals as a vapor and they then settle in around. But there is a bigger thing here they can be tracked around carried by people and put on other stuff. Now once you pick up say the broken light and glass then say touch other stuff like plates or dishes it then is on it where you will what? Use to eat with now you are taking those heavy metals in with your food and bingo now you are getting more heavy metal toxins in your body. 

      Now one that they wont tell you that you can buy online and work in a very different way are real 110v LED lights. Why is they don't tell you to use these simple they have built in diodes in the ones that are made by small companies that do not follow along with power companies and Gov BS lies. They don't have all the toxic crap in them and they last way way longer running life. Now how are they different well they are but not all of them ones that really do use less power. But how you may ask well most use so little power to run the LED lights they use a bunch of diodes to reduce the power from AC to low DC power. How is that in our benefit simple those diodes do one thing that is very cool. That is they don't let the power go into the light in the first place and that really cuts the back feed it gives off. Now you may ask well why don't we know more about this way that would reduce how dependent you are on them they don't want that at all.

     They really don't want you to be really using less in the end why well that would cut down on how much they make due to they would get way way less back threw the ground line. That would mean all there new substations they built over the last few years would be a waste. Now what is even better than LED well only one thing 12v LED you may say what is the difference? A lot if you keep a few things in mind first you can make your own 12v LED lights for in your house and its really easy. You may be asking how simple for cars today you can get replacement lights for most cars and trucks that are LED lights. How can this help you easy if you take and get the pig tail the part that a specific light number bulb will plug into that you find in LED you are set for making 12v lighting. All it takes once you get the pig tails and LED lights is grab a deep cycle battery and some trailer wire and a few fuses. Now go to Walmart or any hardware store and get a few simple things one plastic primer second is plastic chrome paint. Now get out of yr kitchen or grab a few cheap ones from the store of some bowls also you need a hot glue gun. Now take the bowls and paint them with the plastic primer it works best to use fine sand paper to rough up the smooth surface of the plastic only do that to the inside. Also you really only need to paint with the chrome on the inside of the bowl what we are making is a reflective cone. Once that is done in the top of the bowl dill a hole just big enough for the pig tail you have to fit in but only put it in just far enough to have it about the same as how it would if mounted in the car light. Oh one thing i know a few of you may be thinking why not do this with head lights no don't they run way too much power and will drain a battery in no time. Think about every one has or knows someone who has left there parking lights on for hrs and it still let the car or truck start.

    Okay back to the build once you have the bowl chromed and the hole cut and the light put about where you want it hot glue it in place. Now to make the light bulb pig tail stronger take a bowl and cut it up one that you didn't chrome for supports cut small triangles that you now take 3 of them for each pig tail to use and supports and hot glue them in to pig tail and the bowl. Its like putting gussets on a metal 90deg weld for making it stronger. Now here is where the options part starts i my self would use it just as is add in a small chain to hang it by or hot glue a chunk of rope to the bowl or use a metal coat hanger and hot glue it to the bowl for making it easy to hang. Some like to buy this diffuser sheets used for the shop  fluorescent lights that can diffuse the light and help it spread out that is easy to add to the bowl opening just cut it to the bowl size then drill two holes on opposite sides one side you put a bolt and nut in the other one you put a bolt and wing nut on when you attach it to the bowl so if you ever have to change the light easy just loosen up the nut and remove the wing nut and bolt. Now how to wire them up easy its like wiring up trailer lights run the wires twards your battery hang them up as you go so don't cut it short now when it gets by the batter add a fuse keep in mind one nice thing you can add in toggle switches where you want to so you can turn on one or more or off. Also what is nice they can be daisy chained like trailer lights so really you only need one line to each room and in each room you can then put a toggle or toggle switches from there go to the lights. One more thing once you have a 12v lighting system you can easily add in a few car cig outlets in spots to charge up cell phones and stuff. Now how to keep it charged easy buy a single solar panel or if you can get a few cheap ones to keep it charged but in the end even when the power goes out you will still have lights.

    One thing i always tell people is to build a power maker that you can power by human power they are easy to make i like to take a exercise bike and mod them to have a PMA for charging. But there are many and many of ways to use them to make power some get the old bike generators and put a few on it and bingo making power and getting exercise all in one. So i hope this gets a few of you thinking about this all and i hope a few start the journey to getting off grid or making it so if there is no power you still have some and don't just rely on others to make it for you when its really unreliable. The only thing any one can really count on is one thing them self once more of you understand that then you will be able to start to make your own stuff for daily living. Leave me any comments on this and if i get enough comments and feed back on this i will if enough of you want me to make a diagram up and show you how to do this all and get up pics of what it all looks like. Hope you have a great day enjoy life just don't do what others tell you is how life is seek out what is best and never stop trying new things and new ways.