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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting started in saving or should i say recollecting power to do what the power company already does!

     Okay i know i have had a few ask on how to do this and i think its just too easy for me to just give it away not that i won't at some point. I think tho it would be better understood if you all got to the point i am at with some back ground on how i got to it. Also if you do a few test of your own and in the end
really understand just how big it really is and how it works for more then just AC yes it works for DC even better. Why you may is it better for DC well when AC is put into say a TV the AC is run into one of two things a transformer or a diode pack and what it does is change it at point of use to DC. What does that mean well most stuff really is working on DC for the internals of it. So what does that all really mean then simple the back feed the power companies are getting is a back EMF or unused power as DC.
     So what can one do to get a understanding on the untapped power in you house or other places today. Well first do some checking around google it youtube it and look up back EMF catching and other things like it. I will have to relook up what was the one video that sparked me but i remember what it was about. It showed a 110v standard light plugged in the wall but when he plugged it in and changed how it was set up he could then run light after light all off the one plug but he was collecting the back feed power and using it in a chain effect to light the next and the next and the next light. In the end from one light plugged in he ran a bunch of lights and what was very odd when he changed out the light to one that was so called more efficient how he then could run more lights in the chain. That is all good but how does that help you well once you get a grip on how it work then if you take a DC power radio or something simple and test on how to collect the unused power and how to use it then you will really get a grip on it all and know just how easy it really is. I say to start with a small DC set up for one reason in most things they are low powered and you wont get killed by a small 9v shock if you get one and on the other and a 110v may not kill you but they hurt allot more and if you have any health conditions that could be a different story so do all this at your own risk. I take no responibility for any thing that may result from you trying stuff. You do so at your own free will and are taking all the risk your self.
     Okay now that i got that out of the way once you understand that you start with a small DC powered item once you can take a few things and collect the back feed power from it and lets say charge a battery or run a light or what ever. Once you get how it works changing over items in your house will be easy and to learn how to take and use DC power and to collect it and all that.
    There is one more thing to take and get from this just how important capacitors really are when you learn just what they are good for and how they function they will become your new best friend and best thing is they last a long time. Once you learn about them you will soon find out just how much the right ones used with batteries in a combo set up will really improve the life of those batteries by a lot. I will do a write up later on just how that all works and why it does work so well but for now i think i have gave out enough to get some thinking about what else is really out there to know about. Please share this and if you like some of the stuff i talk about please follow me and that will let you keep up with my new postings and those who do that let me know too with feed back i just may help you out if you want more details on stuff i don't do this for the money even tho i am broke i do it why cause i can! So until the next time share this and let many more know about me and what i am doing and how i am helping to wake up as many as i can to what is really out there thanks to all that do! Enjoy your day and always have fun. If all you do is do what you are told is to do then you are no different the a farm animal but you can change that just by waking up and and thinking and asking questions and finding out what is real and what is not. Other wise you never live unless you think and do it with a free mind and an open one that is living!