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Monday, November 25, 2013

How is America well lets talk about it!

     Well so many of you took the words the government have told you and in the end well it just sucks. What do i mean when i say that well first off i now have been over 3yrs no job why well its not hard to figure out first off i have been job
searching the whole time and i have had a few places that looked great. Well in the end not one of them due to how the economy is could afford to hire me even tho they really wanted to. Why is that well one place had just did a big upgrade to there set and the had it planned to hire after taxes another person like me a jack of many trades but they changed by they the government. What they could all tax write off in the last few months changing there whole plans to put more people to work. Does that sound like its getting better no not at all they are not the first getting pinched in odd ways. Another one is getting his business crushed and he would love to hire me but in the last few years due to just one person Obama how you ask? Well his illegal actions as a false president have killed many of the small business in this country what they did was supply oxygen and needed supplies. Due to all the cuts and change in how everything works for how they pay out or they get paid for providing those serves. Before they did okay not great but they liked how they helped so many out. Well today they are loosing money and if they close well kiss a lot of the older people and even the hospitals in this area which is way up in the mountains good bye why there wont be anyone left to do that for a long ways away. Well with how the fake and false bills Obama has put in play no one can afford to get the stuff they need sent from the big city to here.
     How is that so bad most would just say that is part of change well normally i would agree but when you add up how many more places in the USA that this is happening to now its not just a part of changes. This is an attack on all them directly and in the end it will hurt more then most know about. To me its like a easy way for Obama to kill off a large group but not do it with his hands well in the end it was his hands doing! How many may asked well his hands had the pen in them and signed these illegal actions and just called it law and they never went threw the steps to become legal law. So in the end yes he will be killing them with his bare hands.
     Many will say so what well lets look at the bigger picture those same illegal laws are also taking many peoples insurance away due to it don't comply with Obama care there are a few thousand plus more. Now once you add up that with the others he is really shooting for a mass death yes i said mass death. Then when you add in the parts with Obama care that include mass phyco drugs for the masses who have his health care. You also add in the rest of the so called heath care crap they have in it who is left to complain well in the end only the rich the rest will all die off in a few years. Then you take and also put into play all the plastic 3 man coffins FEMA has and wow you have a way to get rid of those bodies and well most let them do it and get away with it and never once stood up. Now how to stand up simple put a stop with a mass group of people kicking all this crap out and saying no more and starting over and rebuild.