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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I have to LOL on the war on drugs how stupid are they and my crazy thoughts.

     I was watching this show about the war on drugs and i just have to laugh so dang hard on what crazy thing jumped in to my head. Okay now they where saying just how bad some of them are okay i thought i get some of them but as i

thought that i had one odd thought. That was why the hell for some of the crap that people will do shoot needles and crap. Well i had a funny thought if they really want to win like the meth war easy when they get a large bust just put a harsh chem in it that will kill off the users bingo do that few times and dump it on the open market cheap. Then wow you just won that war and really did no users no reason to bring them in wow was that hard lol. Ya i know most say how nuts but hey our gov lets medical drug companies give tons of crap to people every day so what if they just do it faster with the street drugs lol. So i know its nuts but really in the end its no different then what Obama is doing with his crap illegal health care just over a slower time lol. Ya i know i think crazy stuff but hey its who i am and i know that is also why so many of you have been reading my stuff in the last few days my views have jumped. The funny thing is i am only putting down stuff i think and stuff i look into and also stuff i have tested and done. So anyone that is reading this stuff leave me feed back i only get a few here and there comments and i really want to know what some of you are thinking. Hope lots of you enjoy my insanity and also share it so more also can enjoy it any ways have a good day enjoy life just don't go threw the motions and never stop and ask why or why not or what if?