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Friday, June 27, 2014

Things the government don't want you to know about with E85

Most that think about E85 think its just ethanol and gas mixed. Realty is its not at all. What happens is places like California have epa laws for low VOC gas mean its less vaporizing gas. What's that really mean well harsh stuff that has a
low vapor temp are left out of the mix. Well that leaves the refineries with lots of low VOC stuff where do they use it well you guessed it make the clean ethanol very dirty with all those low voc's. Now they won't talk about this at all why dirty secrets can't admit they take a clean burning fuel and make it very dirty. They use lower grade ethanol and very dirty low VOC gas by products to make E85 so it works like crap. One thing you  need to know is low VOC is the fast vaporizing compounds. Whats that mean they vaporize in low temps making them pollute the air fast also they burn very fast and are easy to spark up. They changed paints to low VOC compounds to reduce the amounts of vapors you breath in while painting just think about that for a few minutes, just how bad to your health was the low VOC's but yet they add all that crap to E85. Yea now i have you thinking about it all now that its been spelled out for you time to ask about it right. Many will say I'm talking B.S. but moon shiners who ran pure ethanol in car's to out run cops loved it why. Simple it was A100 pure ethanol or pure shine. They loved it so much and it worked so good NASCAR was born from the use of A100 or ethanol or moon shine. Once you take water down moon shine and add all the low VOC crap u get a poor quality fuel. But if you ever make your own to use for fuel and you do some simple research on what proof to make and what to use to make it and use A100. You will love it and never want to use gasoline again. Henry Ford made his first cars where they used gasoline or moon shine for fuel. Why easy people in back country had no way to get gasoline but many could brew there own alcohol for fuel. But government don't like this way due to it cut out there high fuel tax. That's also why racing today uses methanol not pure ethanol. They have laws for methanol on how its blended with waste oil crap. Some methanol is even faked from oil making it another high toxic. Over seas they have done some races with pure ethanol run cars but here in the USA its illegal to do that. Why well the government can't legally tax raw pure green ethanol like how gasoline products are. The only reason there is blended fuels is for higher taxes that's it. Oh they use the reason so people don't drink it but this more B.S. and just another cover lie. I will be talking soon about what to look up and what kinds of stuff can be made into ethanol or as I like to say shine.
Just the other year 3.2 billion barrels of ethanol was shipped out of the USA funny thing is most other countries don't like the poor quality of it. Parts of South America use À100 pure and the crap made here is so bad that they restill it. For years I had a family member who ran there own still for fuel for a farm and never bought gasoline ever. I thought it was kinda nuts but now I get it he could control how high the proof of it was making it work like it really does. Oh funny thing he ran tractors cars trucks on his shine for many years and loved how it ran. Makes me think how smart was he with no high school degree but still had everything he wanted but saved tons in fuel taxes and over priced fuels.