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Monday, June 30, 2014

How to prove credit is bad for people.

Most times credit places only do small setups a few at a time bad loans. Why you may ask so they have real items to sell. That is a backing for the credit. It is also there version of cash in the hand due to the item has real value to someone.

Once in a while tho they get an idea to do a mass take back to make a ton of money. Most of the time they do it in one small area and make a ton of money but like the housing bubble too many hooked up on the same bad loan idea all at the same time. This would have killed all credit places in this setup but our government let it happen until it was going to hurt them too. Than they bailed out the credit places but not enough to stop the bust. This caused a global issue so big that over half of all credit loans went bust. This gave banks more items than they could dump for fast cash. So they had all this stuff to pay on taxes and more this stopped them from giving out any loans no loans no jobs. See this scam back fired so bad they are now hurt only thing they do is pass blaim. But on who the people but why easy if they admitted they messed up no one would use them and the people would have stopped the bail out. If people lost the false trust they all would have failed and died. Is that so bad no due to most would have gone back to cash. Oh wait it has no value so that would have broke that lie too. All they did by bailing out them is put a band aid on what happens when a band aid is on too long. It falls off than the fix is now back open. That's why one day people think its getting better than it not. They keep treating the problem but never fix it so we get stuck in a loop and never get out. How to fix it well that will take a lot of work and be in several other writings.