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Friday, June 27, 2014

A real alternative fuel!

One fuel we make tons of here in the USA is alcohol. Most don't know is its mostly an exported item. Ya I know odd we are told its not a real way to off set oil use but here I'll explain why those lies are wrong.
If you take the millions of gallons of alcohol shipped out of here and used it just
as it is a liquid. You could only offset a small amount. Less than 1/4 of all gas use. But if you use alcohol as how it burns. Ya most think what the hell do I mean by how it burns easy alcohol liquid doesn't burn its like gasoline its not the liquid but its vapor that burns. Now many think that's no help but it really is a big help. You get more gallons in vapor out of one gallon of liquid so you store it as a liquid but burn it as a vapor. Sound like anything we use right now no? What is LP gas sold as a liquid ya that stuff your out door grill uses. That is a liquid in the tank they leave a air gap for the gas to expand into a vapor. Don't ask if LP burns in its liquid state complicated answer for that one.
Here is how to make alcohol into a vapor, it is so simple as long as it not polluted with oil crap like E85 but pure. Now it don't need to be the super high proof to work if you heat say 150proof to 174 to 190deg. That will make the alcohol into a vapor even if it leaves some water behind or takes some with it still burns very clean. Most are thinking waste more energy doing it, well no cars and trucks engine cooling systems run between 180 to 200deg wow does those temps sound right well they are.
Now many may ask than why don't we do it already. Well by current government laws a real unmixed fuel no oil mixes can't be taxed. That's why they only sell E85 max due to it has the lowest amount of oil mixed that can be taxed at. They would need to rewrite tons of laws and there are so many it would take many years.
We can add wrong metals to the stilling and make undrinkable alcohol, or we can still off all from the mash keeping the methanol that is stilled off in the very first stilling part not throwing it out like moon shiners do. Old moon shiners called this making turp or turpentine or paint thinner. But in the end still very toxic to drink but still burnable or if you add a touch of any other easy to recollect like a heavy oil. I say that due to any thing that can be heated up to 200deg not break down or vaporize some of it will work. Than if you reuse it again and again it keeps the alcohol undrinkable but also keeps it untaxed and made local hell make it you're self. I will write up next more on making it your self and just how to setup for all year making alcohol. Not using corn as the main source but I'll get into that all in my next write up.