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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What is the US dollar really worth?

Most people never think about what the money you hold in your hand is worth. Just think about it for a minute. Why is it everything has gone to credit cards with so many places saying cash is no good why? Cash used to be preferred over
credit why is it in the last few years cash is now the devil. Yes odd but let's look at what is cash and what is credit? Back many years ago cash had a real value why easy is had a trade value backed by precious metals. This also made it so only way new money could be added or printed was if the added more backing.
Once they got rid of the backing the cash lost a ton of value and each time they print more it cuts down its value. Why is that so important easy add up the cut in half when it lost its backing. Than add up each cut from the 20 plus times or more they printed more and more new money. Once you do you will find out a scary thing any cash you hold is worth about 2cents per dollar if that don't freak you out than go kill your self. Yes got you freaked out on that but what is a credit dollar worth well if the power goes out nothing but its still worth nothing with it on. Now many will disagree with me but credit is worth about the amount of interest you pay on it each day. Its not worth any thing to us the people at all it tho worth tons for bakers and governments. How you ask easy now backing no work on there end to secure it. That means if you pay an annual fee and pay 5 to 25% interest to them what did they do in the end to earn it. All credit is ones an zeros you can't hold it take it home can't even hand it to a friend. Cash you can precious metals you can gem's you can. But what backs up credit nothing at all that's why they always make you put up a real item to secure it like a car, house, boat, land, motorcycle. Why is that easy businesses know credit is a scam so they need something they can get from people when they sucker you in to a bad deal. I'll talk about the scam in another write up.