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Sunday, June 29, 2014

An alternate heating source for anyone!

Everyone can use other ways to heat  with. Many think when I say alternative they will think odd or back woods, but what if there was something on the current market. Only thing is what you use in it for the fuel. Yes now I have you thing what! That's not an alternative, but yes it can be. Look at pellet stoves
most don't know there are many kinds and setups for them. Yes there is a big difference in them too. Nice thing is if you have a base setup say its only made for soft wood or hard wood pellets. They can most times be upgraded cheaper than buying a new stove, why up grade it well if you go up to a multi fuel board in it. That let's you control more speed settings and timer settings this can let you add other stuff for fuel.
Take this I helped a friend upgrade a corn only burner to a multi fuel one this took more tan just a new board. We had to update its main controller board change out the auger and put in a new burner tray. Once done it let him use a big list of fuels like corn, soft or hard pellets also wood chips. Yes that becomes the alternative fuel. How many may ask well he had enough trees on his land and every year he burned bush piles of all the trimmings each year. Now he got a smaller wood chipper mulched this let him chip up his tree yard waste and get some from people are found him too. Once chipped up he just stored the chips in potato bags first in the sun to dry for a few weeks than in storage. One thing to note here is yes they burn faster but some tricks are some gas and power companies give wood chips away for free. If you are in one of these places your set get a load or two dumped bingo easy fuel. Only thing is they are big chunks and you need small ones. That's where the chipper shredder comes in many can be setup for 1/4inch chunks or there about that's the size that fits threw like pellets.
The nice thing is when you add up fuel cost in the end its a okay savings. Now for the bigger savings if you are not in the big city but smaller towns or outside the mains city. Than one can add in a wood gasifier to fuel the wood chipper this can be learned from my other post and go look up flash001USA on YouTube. His videos lay out how to build setup and to run one with lots of great info on it all. Even if you don't do a wood gasifier you still save with many more fuel options corn or other fuels you have to try in your area main thing is to try and see what you have in your area to use as a heat fuel.