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Thursday, June 26, 2014

How can every one still have a pistol and long gun legally even if you are a convicted felon here is how!

    Now some of you may know this others may not but its something i have been looking into over the last few weeks and months. That is even if you are a convicted felon you still have options to own guns yes i know most are saying no
i am wrong but no i am right. If you are convicted of a felony there still is something one can have that is black powder weapons that is ball and cap and flint lock. I have looked it all up and the federal government see's black powder gun styles and make styles older then a certain year are not guns. Yes i know its odd a ball and cap most think old stuff but if one gets a remake of the old style as a ball and cap its legal there are no i repeat no back ground checks just an age check for black powder guns. The law states a felon can't own modern style with a shell for the firing in it but black powder guns do not use a shell of any kind. Some will say i am wrong but the funny thing is i am not. Also better yet ill give you a few cool things about black powder guns first if the its loaded with powder and the bullet but it doesn't have the cap by all laws its not loaded. Ya i know funny it only takes a sec if you have a handy capper that holds 100 caps in your pocket only takes a sec or two to snap them in one after another.

    One nice thing is with BP (Black Powder) is with only three basic items one can make there own BP and make it cheap too. It only takes Sulphur, Potassium Nitrate, and charcoal to make BP. Yes i know its more than just that but really it isn't if you mix all 3 of them in the ratio of sulphur 10% Potassium Nitrate 75% and the charcoal 15% you will make BP. Now the more to that story is what wood you use to make the charcoal really makes a difference on how it burns and how fast it is. Also the how pure the the other two are any impurities will make it off too. Now to get more into it many use a binder to make it when they grind the BP the binder makes it hold together better for better sizing of the BP but thats all a choice on what one each uses.

     Also more on why BP guns are great to have they use lead bullets one can get lead and melt it with a fire easy and make there own bullets. One thing too is the caps they use well even if a you run out of caps but still can make BP and your bullets one really could make cheat and make there own fire setup not even using caps. So when you break it down what is really cool and slick about the BP guns is that well anyone at the age to own one can even if the government shafts them with false laws or crap like that they still can by law have a real way to defend them self if need be.

     Oh one more thing when so many think of BP guns they think of the old flint lock and those well one thing most don't get is once you have a BP gun you will find out fast that if you make paper powder wraps that is that  you take rolling papers and make premade powder charges loading is really fast. Drop one in ram the bullet and cap it very fast. I have seen my self a guy that can reload a 50 cal in a few seconds and let me say i was shocked at just how fast he did.

    Now a side note some not many states do have a few regulation on BP guns but even those that do still have the door open just have to work with in there local laws so now the Disclaimer part it is your responsibility to check with your state and county on there local laws for BP and all that i am not responsible for anything you do or don't do. I am not responsible if you get into trouble due to your own stupidity and lack of looking up the laws for your area or an area you may travel to or what ever. It is your responsibility to check and find out first be for you do anything. Also be aware many will lie to you about this and the laws around why just due to suppression taking rights away. If you find out that in your area they have laws against even this then raise hell about it. Why easy if no one does then the laws only get worse and worse so stand up for your rights.