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Saturday, November 23, 2013

More thought on the not needing a Drivers Licence!

     One funny thing i was reading today about guy who was picked up for driving with no Lic and he took the summons to appear in court. But when he got there keep this in mind he lived way way out in the sticks. So in court when the cop
was on the stand and giving the states side. The guy asked the cop some great question that was "Now i can drive my snowmobile with no drivers lic correct? (Yes he replied) And the guy said and i can drive it on the marked trails and roads correct (Yes the cop replied). He then stated by how the law is wrote the snowmobile is a motorized mode of travel correct ( Cop said Yes). So both a snowmobile and the truck are the same but then why is it one needs as you say a drivers lic and the other don't? The cop couldn't give a direct answer. Next he asked if a horse is used its also the standard power units for motorized items now if its used as a way of travel do i need a drivers lic ( Cop says no) do i need a drivers lic to travel with a bicycle ( Cop again said no). So do i need a drivers lic to drive a 4 wheeler around in the areas that its legal for me to drive them on (Cop said no again). This time he asked what in the end makes any of those modes of travel any different then the others they all in areas can be used to travel on roads most are gas powered! Where is the law that states that when travelling by motorized modes you are required to have a drivers lic oh before you answer keep this in mind now if you are going to spout out some fake blanket law that is not real let me remind you then any motorized items would need a drivers lic that would include four wheelers, lawn mowers, and many other things wheel chairs for a fact that are electric powered and used to travel then would need a drivers lic. Whats funny is just think about that once how many in a wheel chair can drive yes some do most don't. So when some one tells you its just the law ask them to show you the law most times they can't why its the things they just say is the law and they want it to be but no legal laws are there to really back them up.
     Now to give you some back ground on me i drove semi for a long time i learned lots about many states and odd laws. To give you some more info about this all a few years back a few states tried to get the Amish to register and plate there buggies well to keep a long story short in the end many beat that and even proved even tho they use there horse and buggy to make deliveries and more they didn't work for anyone and where not employed like the law says. So its funny that when one group like the Amish stand up in a group how they shut down the states dead in there tracks. Many did tho take on not liking it but did put lights on the front and back for use in times of night travel and did more to make it so they could be seen better. Now they travel every day on the roads with no drivers lic no registration of any kind just some food for thought.
     Now if you also look on most not all drivers lic they describe the part of having a regular lic for commercial use! Now if you look it up in the law books and get the whole article on having a drivers lic it only talks about having one when you are employed for profits and use the road ways to make the earnings then and only then do you need to have one. Why is that simple it is a way to add extra taxes on the income being made by using the road ways to generate there income. Now many maybe thinking but how can roads be made if a large percentage don't have drivers lic and maybe even not a registered car or truck. Well every gallon of gas you buy has a ton of taxes put in on the fuel you buy to travel. The thing most don't get only a small percentage really go twards roads the rest are use for other stuff when by law all the money made on travelling is supposed to go into only roads and travelling structures nothing else. Now if the did just that roads bridges and all that would really be self funding. One funny thing i learned when i drove semi toll roads are really illegal except for those that are in the commercial end those who need a drivers lic and earn income from the roads any one else that is in travel and not getting paid or making a profit from using the road ways by law can not be given a burden tax to use those modes of travel. I learned years ago there are a few on the east coast who have proven it they never pay any tolls due to they have no drivers lic and as such those tolls do not apply to them and they have done it for years with no issue besides the few times the person behind the toll both was stupid. I have a friend who is trying to get me a copy of a few of the legal crap on the tolls but as far as he has found out so far it only applies to those who make profits from using that road and there so far is nothing about if you use it to travel on to get to a new location or anything. Now one thing that still is hard to figure out is take some toll brides when they cross a body of water and there is no other real way to get across it those do have some legal laws that funds for the building and care of it are legal to collect from all passing threw. That is at least clearly wrote they even collect from people on bikes and walking and i can understand that just due to how much time and money went into making it so one can travel across it. So as always leave me comments and feed back on what you all think of this and any ideas you have on it. Also share this on FB Twitter and more so i can get more people to know about stuff i write about thank you!