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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dealing with Drivers Lic and terms used as i know it!

    Okay lets get some stuff cleared up that most are just taking the DMV and the cops and the governments words as they say them and not how it is wrote! First off the term DRIVER that is used when some one is an employee that drives for profits. Meaning what they use the road ways to drive on to earn profits. That
includes self employed as in for hire drivers. It also means when you work for someone else as a driver to move items and goods from location to location for a profit. Now lets talk about the term traveller that is easy when you take a vacation you travel to get to where you are going for fun. Most travel to work why most don't get paid to drive into work so you travel to work. Why is that simple when you are not making any profits for going from one place to another on the road ways you are travelling. Now look at all the times you travel examples are get kids from school go to the store get a movie to watch now if you are paid to do that then yes you are a driver. Other wise if no one is paying you when you do those activities then its at your own cost and you are travelling to those location of free will. To many just take the words big companies yes the DMV is a company well a corperation but still same thing to me big business making big money. They just one day called anyone at the wheel of anything a driver but the way the laws are wrote even currently today is anyone who is employed for profits and uses the road ways is classified a driver. There for they need a drivers lic and every one else don't need one. I had someone say then why is there a CDL and a regular driver lic? Easy just think for a minute semi and heavy trucks need special lic to drive. Why you may ask easy you don't want just anyone behind a 80,000lb truck with out training. Now as to why do they have a regular drivers lic simple look at how many taxi cabs are in the USA. What do they need a drivers lic why they are employed for profits on the road ways. There are other things one can drive for profits while employed with only a drivers lic and no CDL small pickup trucks and smaller lighter box trucks. Now you all know you have seen county and city pickup trucks doing work on the road ways those need a drivers lic why they are employed for profit to drive and work on the roads and what ever but they make money when they are driving same for cops and fire men postal people and many more. But for the rest unless you get paid and make a profit to go to the store or pick up kids from school you are travelling and thus there are no laws that are wrote for anyone that is not employed for profits when out doing those things.
     Now some things that are still a grey area motor cycles all states say you need a special lic to use one now i still need to find more real laws on that! In some ways i can see where every one that rides one may just need that lic but then again if the laws for the motor cycle lic are made and based on the drivers lic laws then really unless you use it to make profits or are employed for profits when you use it then you are a driver working for some one making profits. Take like motor cycle cops thats where someone is employed for profits to ride the motor cycle on the roads making them a driver. Other wise the rest are just travellers when on them. Now like i said i have still have to dig more into those but once i really get the time to dig into it i will write up about what i know. I hope many of you that read this can understand what i am trying to explain here many say that its a reach but its not due to how the laws are wrote. They are making the reach out side of the laws to just classify everyone as a driver well i say then pay me when i drive to the store and to get my kid and when i go on vacation and all that and i will be happy to be called a driver but other wise i just travel to the places i go! Share this leave me comments and let me know what you all think of this. I know i will get many that will disagree with me thats okay just let me know i will be respectful as long as you are when you leave comments. But if you leave crap comments the gloves are off no nice guy from me just due to you can't read what the laws really say. Thanks all that read this and give feed back and enjoy the day!