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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Think about this he says to cops and the government "I dont Drive! I travel"

     Look here is more proof that you dont need to do any of this crap lies of having a drivers lic or any of that crap if you are not using it as a means to
make profits! Watch this is real he is not the only one that is doing this and they cant do any thing to him! There are more ppl that have proved this and still so many people fall for stuff that has now legal laws that state every person has to have a drivers lic why is that they by law can't! Every one has the right to travel and if you are going to the store get yr kids from school what are you doing think about it? You are travelling to get a person item or travelling for person pleasure. Not making money for profits or employed to do the travelling to make profits. Think about really sit back and just think have most of you ever used any of your personal means of travel for making money i know a few have for like sales or taxi drivers and so on those all fall under those set laws making money employed by some one to do a job. That then is where the laws are legal to step in and require a drives lic like when i drove semi i was employed to move goods from place to place on the roads and i made money from those action that required me to by law to have a special lic. People need to wake up to these lies the DMV is a company that makes money they have lied to all of you to make money now to make it seem more real but its fake they in listed insurance companies why to boost both of there profits! So once one backed the other they both started a lie to take it from just a commercial thing to everyone why to boost there profits. Now if you look up even in your own state and county you will find nothing on anything for all those items when used for travel why is that? There is no laws that state if you are travelling you need to have a lic or any of that stuff it says a motor vehicle the law states a motor vehicle is any thing used to make "profits and is employed" when you travel to the store who is paying you to do that no one! When you travel to go to work did someone pay you for that drive in no but when you got into work and where out of your car truck what ever then you clocked in to get paid or make profits. The only way they could cheat the law is if all work placed paid you for your drive in to work and back home that would be the only legal loop hole and there is no way all work places could afford to do that. So any time you are travelling ask your self who is paying you if you do this every time you go any where and you always get the answer "NO ONE" then why do you have a lic or a registered car or truck! Well easy they fooled you and you have been handing over your earning to the insurance company and the DMV and your county for what? Are they paying you to make those travels if not then stop just stop the lie and save tons of money.