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Friday, November 22, 2013


    Now every one needs to watch this i have been saying this for years now only a few people understand it! First off if you do not use your personal vehicle for any profits and just to travel from place to place there is no law that says you
have to have it registered (Not yet 100% sure on the registration part) or even have a drivers lic ( I am 100% for sure if you do not use it to make profits) that is only for those employed for profits on the trails and roads! Watch this and you will see just what i have been talking about for years now the only way we can stop this illegal action of control is if a mass group just says no more and stops this! Pass this on to every one share the crap out of it every few days to wake people up!

     Okay now that you have seen this just sit down for a few minutes and think about it. Really take a few minutes and think about it when you go to the store or drive to work or get kids from school or even go see family on a holiday. Ask your self this one very important question that is who is paying you to do that if you come back with the answer "No One"! Then ask your self this one do you travel on the roads for work as part of your job to make any profits or money. Now if you answer "Yes" then yes you do need a drivers lic example i drove semi for many years then i needed a special lic to haul heavy loads from place to place some have asked then why is there a CDL Lic that is easy that is to set higher standards for those that move heavy loads. Some one asked me a few times then why is there a regular Driver Lic simple that was made for those who drive stuff that are light weight but still make a profit or money from the road ways. Examples of that is taxi small pickup transport jobs even drive a way to take small items from point to point for a small profit there are also many more like power companies use pickups to check and fix small problems and there are tons more like all over the USA. But m point here is if you dont do any of those jobs that make you any profits or money from driving and doing a service and employed for that service then you are not a driver like in example Taxi Driver if you only travel from place to place there are No laws that have been made for those who travel and i know why. Many will say its a twist of words no its not here is why what do people do when they ride a bike from place to place they travel or if one rides a horse they travel or even walks they all travel now if they had the legal rights to declare that you are a driver of a car then in fact you would need a drivers lic to walk on the side walk or ride a horse or even ride a bike but in the end when you travel from place to place on any of those you don't need a drivers lic. Here is another odd one but it still is true air planes yes you do transport goods for profits but they don't need a drives lic they need a pilots lic but you can still fly a plane with having a drivers lic why is that they don't drive they travel from place to place. For over way over a hundred years  every one travelled from place to place but then a swap of play of words and now you are lead to think you drive from place to place how is a swap of words and no change in law legal its not! But words do get updates over time due to new ages liek for many years you saw the Doctor now its they have many new terms for the same thing wellness center and physician assistant or physician. So in the end did you stop seeing the Doctor no, it has a social spin on a more modern name change in the end did it change the actions no you still saw the Doctor.

    The laws for needing a drivers lic are wrote out to cover driving a motor vehicle and they state a motor vehicle is any modes of transport for a profit and is employed then you need a drivers lic but if you are not employed for profits on the road ways then you don't need a drivers lic. Now there is one thing i do not agree with about when they talk about in this registering cars and trucks and other stuff to be used on road ways most that understand about the drivers lic thing say they don't need to register there cars and trucks here is where i ask them show the laws well i have yet to find anyone that can so i am still stuck in the middle on that area. I will write up next on that one and keep looking more into this please comment on this give me your feed back on it and let me know what you think of this! Thank you and have a nice day.