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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Whats one setup every person should have and also know how to do!

    Okay i know a few people that are preppers and i am not against this way most i support just due to the risk these days of WW3 or anything. Any ways one thing that i can see that so many are missing and this goes for any one too not
just those ones stocking up on stuff for the day! That is a black powder gun and to know how to make your own black powder and to cast your own bullets for them. I say this due to if you look at how little there is to go wrong with a good set up of black powder(bp) guns and stuff. First off bp guns have very few moving parts and are easy to fix and one can make there own bp, bullets, and on some not all one can cheat if they run out of caps to fire the if you learn how they work. The big thing most get stuck on when you talk about bp guns is the time to reload them well if one gets into all parts of using bp guns that really becomes not an issue if you cheat. I have for many years wanted to get something besides modern shell sets that one could if need be make the stuff to use it like in bp set ups. But i too was like dang takes too long to reload then a while ago i dug into it and was shocked on a few things. I found a few that take rolling papers yes for smoking those ones and make there own paper bp charges or fast loads. What they do is roll up the smoking paper in a way that they can premeasure out the bp and some roll up in it the bullet too. That way in the field they can drop it in press it in and cap it bingo ready to shoot. Well to me and many that do that its like a whole new way now with doing it that way. They do make for some like the 50cal and 45cal bp guns these premade charge pellets of powder but they are very costly. When you take and add in how cheap rolling papers are to do just this and if you make up your own bp and cast your own bullets wow is all i could say. That makes using a bp gun so dang cheap to use compared to modern ones its not even funny.
    So i really started to dig into this and was like wow one can get the stuff to make his own bp and if you get it from like a fireworks chem place that then lets one have cheap bp yes you have to make it. But its not that hard at all and one can store the chems and stuff for longer times then trying to store home made bp. That would let one have the stuff as needed to make it as they go and most use lead bullets well one can melt lead over a fire and cast bullets easy. Plus if one collected there test rounds and ones in getting better back up after they shot them then recast them wow unlimited supply for casting. So whats left just the stock up of smoking rolling papers and caps that is too easy.
    Now when you take into the math how every day there is a shortage of shells to get and so many have limits on how much one can buy this is a real way around all that and its like why don't more do this. Well i think its just due to most have not sat down at there pc on youtube and done any looking and finding out more info. One funny thing about bp guns if they are only loaded with bp and the bullet but no cap they are by federal standards not loaded. Ya i know i was like really that is just due to the cap is what really start the whole way for it to fire. Then i looked at how hard it was to cap one well if you get these little cap holders one can cap say a six shot in seconds with some practice.
     Then i did some checking on bp and using it in a modern shell and was shocked that one can use it np just some extra cleaning of the gun. So if one did there own reloading of shells and could cast the bullets for them whats left just primers and the shells. So even if one didn't per say get bp gun but learned how to make it and cast bullets and stocked up on primers just how much of a difference it could make in many areas. So just think about it once and check it out and do some looking at a few vids on youtube on it just may shock you at just how slick it is. I also have another post i will be doing soon on other big bonus with bp guns and one trick with them some know this some don't. Any ways share this and leave me feed back let me know what you think on this! Have a great day hope you enjoyed this and please share this so more can read it.